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The Ultimate Zombie Survival RPG

Hello everyone, we’ve had a rather wonderful weekend of Steam saleage, and are feeling in very high spirits. We’ve also concocted a plan for our advance to the ever elusive 1.0 and graduation from Early Access, as well as beyond, which we would like to share with you all!

Fear Not, For It Is Not The End

Firstly we need to stress that any talk of 1.0 is not talk of us hanging up our Zomboid boots. This needs to be stressed with underlines and bold, so I will go back and do that right now.

Now there is part of us that always gets a bit confused when some people complain about ‘how long the game is in alpha’ as if perpetual updates were a bad thing, however it does feel at this point that PZ being an alpha in-development game is becoming increasingly a burden on the game in terms of popular opinion, and we’re eager to free it from those shackles.

It’s also about drawing a line under our promises when we started PZ. Right now there are several things outstanding that underline Project Zomboid’s incomplete state:

1) NPCS2) Vehicles3) Map Completion

These are the things that we promised going into the game that have not yet been fulfilled. There is also one gaping hole in the survivalist gameplay which needs to be addressed:

4) Hunting


Yeah, they are coming. Lemmy has made some awesome progress this weekend in particular, and while they aren’t imminent we feel very confident in their recent progress and Lemmy has ceased waking up in cold sweats about them. Due to the evolution of the game the old in-development NPC system needed a lot of ripping apart and transplanting / revising since the last batch of videos, and its been a very stressful and arduous task.

However things are running at full steam again, and we are currently planning a way to deal with releasing NPCs in stages, starting with Kate and Baldspot, then a release of sandbox NPCs with a smattering of meta-game / group mechanics, followed by a fully functional release, and finally multiplayer support. Holding back it all until completion is starting to feel like a bottleneck and while we may get a few who don’t read the Mondoids throwing their shoulders up and ‘is this it?’ at the early release stages, if it gets NPCs out there sooner and eases development it’ll be worth it.

There is a massive body of code and behaviour scripts and in entirety there is still a good chunk of work to be done before it all works in harmony, truth be told months still likely remain before the entire system is ready for release. But it is relatively trivial for us to pluck the still flaky chunks out to stablise it for a Kate/Baldspot release, and a phased release of NPCs where the behaviours and meta-events can then slot in in subsequent updates.

That said we’ve still got some work to bring Kate and Bob up to speed and finish off a few things, so don’t take that as ‘KATE AND BOB TOMORROWS’!


These are on their way too. EasyPickins has taken up the work while Lemmy cracks on with NPCs. They will use bullet physics which means a few challenges for the map streaming, in constructing a physics world along with the PZ game world, and there may be some multiplayer challenges to meet, but it’s on its way! More details when we have them.

Oh and what’s this?

 (ignore the non-authentic plates!)


Since he’s done such an awesome job with trapping, fishing and the like, Romain will head up the hunting development. Finally you’ll be able to wander around the countryside trying to shoot rabbits with a shotgun. Hurrah! This will round off the survivalist gameplay and make the game feel much more complete as a survival sim.


Right now there are a bunch of areas of the map that are highly undeveloped. Big rectangular chunks of forest, road layouts with no buildings, and of course no lovely Louisville. In line with our plans to stride toward the 1.0 line, Mash, Binky and RingoD will all join forces to really put the map expansion into overdrive.  Louisville, or at least the part on the Kentucky side of the river, Brandenburg, and of course Fort Knox will all be on the agenda, though the latter may need to wait for NPCs to drop so we can get the military in there.


At this point, after sufficient bug releases and polish, we will be at a place we’d be comfortable calling it PZ 1.0. However, as we underlined above, that is not the end of the road. There is so so much more that can be done with the game, and we see no reason to stop until, to be frank about it, the amount it costs to support development outweighs the amount of money it makes (and even then you can be sure we’d find it difficult to let go)

If there’s a feature you’ve been hoping for that isn’t on the 1.0 list, then you can probably expect that feature as a free DLC styley update on the ‘completed’ game. Nothing will really change in terms of updates, at least for a long while after the 1.0, but we can sit back and feel proud that we delivered everything we initially set out to do and everything from that point on is a lovely bonus. We’re very excited to see where it goes!

So that’s the situation, hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and now back to trying to make those damn NPCs understand that smashing a window right next to an open door is just not cool.

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The Ultimate Zombie Survival RPG

Hello! Today we’re releasing an early version of our vehicles build as a Tech Test. We are currently streamlining performance, and as such need to know how the build runs on the many/various/countless different machines that make up the PZ community.

It’s a Work in Progress version (and still needs a bunch of gameplay and features attached to it) but it’s also quite fun to drive around and see the sights in – so we do hope you enjoy it and like where it’s all headed. The only fly in the ointment is that we don’t have a Mac build right now, and this will be coming later this week. So apologies to our non-Linux and non-PC people.

Our thanks to EasyPickins, Yuri and all the General Arcade gang for all their work so far on this!


  • First off, if you currently have an ongoing PZ game then be sure to back up all your save files.
  • Right click on Project Zomboid in your Steam library and select ‘Properties’
  • Navigate to the ‘Steam Beta’ tab
  • Input the following password: workinprogress
  • A beta branch called ‘vehicle’ will now be unlocked, which can be selected on the dropdown menu.



This is a Vehicles Tech Test and, as such, is unpolished and unfinished. You should be aware of the following:

  • At present cars are overpowered, and general gameplay balance is out of whack.
  • The art-style of cars is temporary and hasn’t had the new, less intrusive, Mash textures added yet. Likewise, they are not ‘grounded’ by shadows right now.
  • We are aware of a significant FPS drop after driving for long periods due to a physics bug. Getting this patched out of this build is currently our number one priority – but it shouldn’t impact your initial gameplay/testing too much.
  • To aid community testing all cars are unlocked and fuelled. Current work on locked cars, gas tanks of varying emptiness and other gameplay can be seen with the startup command –disableeasyvehicles.
  • We currently don’t have vehicle sounds, crash damage to player/car and zombies you run over have no effect on vehicle momentum. You may also see some tree pop-in, that we’re also currently working on.
  • Due to the current draw order some sprites and zombies car appear over cars. This means some ground sprites such as grass and zombie bodies can be drawn over cars, and occasionally cars may be drawn in the wrong order.


Once you have loaded up a new game then you’ll find cars in some driveways, and most parking lots. You can enter a car with ‘E’, though be sure to get in on the driver’s side if you want a swift exit.

Press ‘V’ to open up a vehicle’s radial menu – from which you’ll find access to the ignition, car radio, headlights and more.

View post on

Important: You use the key icon to start the car BUT sometimes repeated attempts at ignition will be required. The lack of sound effects means that failed start attempts are not made clear. When the icon at the bottom of the screen turns green then the engine is on, and you can drive.

The keyboard shortcut for ‘start engine’ is ‘N’ – and this is a less fussy way to turn the key.

Once the car has started then use the WSAD keys to drive. Other keyboard shortcuts you can use when in the vehicle are ‘L’ (Headlights) and ‘U’ (vehicle info).


Yuri’s focus is currently on performance, and we will be updating the Vehicles Tech Test branch this week with whatever fixes are required as and when they become clear. In coming weeks we will also be working on zombie collision and vehicle impact, the exaggeration of tilts and leans when you take corners and implementing greater differences in handling between vehicles.

There’s also some ‘reverse momentum physics’ when the front of the car moves up when hitting the brakes instead of pushing down which we need to add the fix for.

Yuri has a full tasklist, but it’s one that’s being ticked through at a steady rate. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to release further vehicles test builds to the community whenever milestones are hit, so that we can harvest feedback whenever it’s most required in the run-up to vehicles becoming one with the main game.

It’s cool to stream, as long as you clearly tell your viewers the WIP status and it being a tech test version.

The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can be found here.

The Ultimate Zombie Survival RPG

Ello survivor. Come in, take a seat.

Public Build 38.28

We just released a huge patch for the public build – bringing Build 38 up to 38.28. This not only marks the entrance of our new internal automated build process, but is also an extensive clear-out of nagging issues that have crept into the game in recent times.

You can find the full changelist here. Much of it is necessary ‘tidy up’ work – but you might also notice improvements with alarms and clocks, fixed stash map issues, a volume option for fly buzz, that annoying ‘add spice’ recipe bug gone, corpses no longer remaining highlighted and the sad end of the ‘infinite ice cream bug’.

There’s a lot more than that though, so check out the patch notes if you’re a PZ regular. Many thanks to Tim for all his hard work on this.

Vehicle Test Build 26

This morning we booted Vehicle Build 26 out onto our public vehicles beta (details on how to access found here). There are two primary aspects of this version – the first being some general optimization improvement. Following on from this, most likely in the next build, we will also have ChrisW’s work on increasing FPS (quite dramatically, when compared to current versions) when in towns and around tall buildings – and likely some java garbage collection optimization too that’ll further limit occasional stuttering.

The other main addition, meanwhile, is a more authentic and aesthetic dashboard constructed by RJ and our artist Mash. Up until now the vehicle read-outs have looked like this:

And with Vehicles Build 26 they now live in a dashboard that looks like this:

We’ve also done this to fit in with the general ‘the player sees what the character’ sees mantra of PZ – so if there’s a general issue with the engine you’ll see it through a dashboard warning light, just as you would in real life. You’ll only be able to truly get to grips with it however, and analyse the issue, if you have the necessary Mechanic skills. Here’s a general vid showing how it all works:

Elsewhere Yuri is doing a large-ish chunk of work on how we synchronise objects over the PZ map, which will also hopefully provide some performance benefits for vehicles, and we also have Bitbaboon Steve on-hand to hopefully chase down the map streaming optimization/fix we mentioned last week.

The plan is, once the newly patched Build 38 is clearly stable, to officially make our vehicles beta known as Build 39 and move it into our traditional ‘unstable version’ IWBUMS position.

Amidst all the general vehicles work we also anticipate some new rural map areas to be added to this, the (boring but essential) lwjgl3 java upgrade currently being implemented by Stas from General Arcade and many/varied gameplay nips and tucks from Connall the curator of the community suggestion list.

Beyond that Martin, Bitbaboon Mark and others continue to work on stuff for Build 40+: our larger workforce these days allowing for a far greater degree of rolling development.

New New Denver

We love so many of the mods and maps created for Project Zomboid, but the moving story behind New Denver and its creator XeonyX (told here) has always made the New Denver map stand out for us – just as much as its size and authenticity to a real world location.

As such, we’re super-pleased to direct you towards its latest (and final) big town expansion – that of Silverton which lies to the south of New Denver itself. Thank you very much Jamie, and we do hope that you’re doing well.

This week’s imperilled survivor from [email protected] on your Steam service. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.

The Ultimate Zombie Survival RPG

“Greetings survivor! I’m Spiffo the Community Raccoon!” “If you want to know the what’s in the upcoming build of Project Zomboid, or look back into the past, you’ve come to the right place!”

Please note: only bigger changes are listed here, for full build-by-build version changelists please visit the forums.

For details on public IWBUMS beta testing please go here.

Future Builds:

Not currently in public testing:

  • New animation and combat system.

  • New firearms and melee weapons

  • Blood spatter now accumulates on zombies, players and even weapons. Character blood from wounds will be able to spread, and give the player a visual cue that they are bleeding. Visible bandages.

  • Identifiable clothing and uniforms on players and zombies.


  • Character entertainment/boredom system improved – with in-game CDs and VHS tapes to listen to, and record.

In Public Testing:

  • Vehicles with full in-game physics. Join in the test fun through instructions you’ll find here!

Released Builds:


  • Riverside Map Expansion. New map area added! The spawn-point town of Riverside, the nearby Knox Heights Country Club, Spa and Golf Course, and many/varied wilderness areas are now ripe and ready for exploration. Found west of West Point, and is of equivalent size. Contains new building types, architecture and item tiles. Includes Riverside lootable map.

  • World View update. The homes, businesses, advertizing hoardings and outhouses are now seen in all their glory – rooftops and all. Building levels above the player are ONLY hidden for the ‘current building’. Windows must now be peeked through by walking up to them, and looking through. Higher levels blocking your view are removed on approach, and hen zombie hazards are present.

  • MP and Co-op Improvements. Zombie placement and movement data shared between players heavily optimized to address cases of zombie lag, zed teleportation, unfair bites and general server strain. ‘Server Save’ pause server option for larger servers that pauses the action when saving, reducing instances of sudden zombie lag. Multiple new Admin options added.
  • Corpse Management. You can now dig graves with a shovel and bury multiple corpses inside. New carpentry crafting items: wooden cross, a cairn and a wooden memorial picket to go alongside the graves you dig. Large piles of rotten corpses will make you feel ill and sad if you stay close to them for extended periods.
  • Lots of other stuff including: new sandbox options, clothing degradation, a change in custom map loading and a lot of optimization bedded in to make way for the upcoming vehicles build.

BUILD 37 – APRIL 2017

  • Lootable Map Items. Maps of urban locations within the Knox Event Exclusion Zone can be found in relevant towns, in particular spawning in gas stations. Current maps you can find cover Muldraugh, West Point, Rosewood and March Ridge.

  • Using the new map UI you can zoom with the mouse wheel, add your own notes and a bunch of provided symbols in four different colours – if you have the relevant coloured pens. Annotated maps can be shared with friends and faction members in MP. Vid here.
  • In SP you also run a chance of discovering pre-annotated maps that’ve been marked up by deceased fellow survivors. These are mainly found on zombies and can lead you to stashes of weapons, tools and general places of interest. Loot at these locations could be hidden in cupboards, crates, bags left on the floor or even hidden under the floorboards.
  •  You now have access to a new oven/microwave settings UI upon which you can change the temperature, and use the timer dial. Ovens will ‘ding’ when the time is up, microwaves will turn off. Metal in microwaves can cause fire. Some food will become less edible when microwaved, increasing character sadness. Eating food hot/cold will have relevant impact on character happiness/sadness.


  • Survivor Trading UI. The initial MP iteration of a trading system that will later be expanded on in SP modes. Players can drag and drop items from their main inventory, and faction-owned surroundings, so they can barter with other players, make offers and finalise deals.

  • PZ builds now show changelogs on initial boot-up of new builds so survivors don’t have to hunt through Steam or the forums to find out what has changed.
  • Player can now move two-tile furniture like signs and paintings around, and also (with the correct tools) deconstruct larger objects into several smaller kit parts that can later be reconstructed. Movable item icons also improved in the UI to make system clearer.

  • Small stuff: Electrician starts with radio recipes. New tooltips. Recipes now overwritable to make life easier for modders. ‘Invite Friends UI’ made prettier and more user-friendly. Expanded respawn/forage zones. Trapping nutrition adjusted.



  • Visit the new towns of Rosewood and March Ridge, the farmland in-between and the vast Rosewood prison complex.
  • New buildings include court house, fire station, shopping areas, new police station, community centre, residential areas and military apartment buildings.
  • New profession-based player spawn locations in and around the town of Rosewood
  • New map tiles, furniture, decoration and building styles


  • Lets you talk directly to your co-op friends, and survivors you meet on MP servers.
  • Player voices can be heard when in ‘audible’ distance from other characters on the map.
  • VOIP available in ‘Press to Talk’, ‘Voice Activated’ and ‘Listen Only’ flavours, and accessed in the Options menu.


  • Metalwork crafting – weld metal sheets to create metal barricades, or put bars in windows
  • Metalwork profession and skills.
  • Multiple stage building to combine metalwork and carpentry skills.
  • Building now utilises items from inside bags carried by survivor.
  • Objects on the map can now be deconstructed to obtain materials if player has correct tools and skills.


  • Safehouse UI to claim buildings, change ownership and see connected players
  • Formable factions, with a visible four character tag above survivors – should they choose to show it.
  • Melee PvP disabled between faction-members


  • ‘Tree noise’ to automatically improve/randomise wilderness areas of the map.
  • Big trees in forested areas.


  • Community Translations of Radio/TV narrative content in French, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.
  • Radio/TV content and timelines now operate in-line with narrative tool WordZed, which has been released to the community.


  • Realistic nutritional values that see your character impacted by what he/she eats and their physical activity.
  • Visible nutritional information on food items with labels
  • Added associated professions and traits


  • Hugely improved player activity log system
  • Admin panel to goven players, safehouses etc
  • TransactionID savescumming prevention update
  • Warning point system
  • Admin abilities to check/modify player stats: add/remove XP, change displayed name, heal etc
  • Server access level ranks for admin staff
  • Ability for admin to easily create non-PvP zones on the map
  • Player names decoupled from usernames


  • Zombies more attracted to house lighting at night.
  • Night Events. Zombie activity can result in safehouse incursions should it be left unsecured while sleeping.
  • Alarm clocks and watch alarms are now used to wake up survivors. Tired survivors might wake up late without them.
  • Character will struggle to sleep when in pain, so should take painkillers or sleeping pills.
  • Anxious characters might wake up early, or even in the middle of the night.
  • Quality of sleep now impacted by where player chooses to rest


  • Composting – rotting food can be placed in a crafted composter to create crop fertilizer
  • ‘Container’ items weight reduces the more they are used (water bottles, gas cans etc.) and can be combined.
  • Pots and bowls fill with water in rain
  • Zombies can tear down sheet ropes.
  • Wet items dry over time.
  • More realistic tea and coffee making (!)
  • Paint all interior walls and wooden furniture
  • First aid equipment automatically used by First Aid panel
  • Smoker trait
  • Various other things
  • Selected loot container now highlighted


  • ‘Transfer All’ button when looting
  • New tutorials and updated tooltips
  • Ability to ‘favourite’ items to highlight them and prevent them from being dropped
  • ‘Windows Explorer’ Inventory improvements. Shift selects a sequence of items, Ctrl lets you selected different individual items.

Build 34.23 – May 2016

  • Easy to host and join online co-op integrated after great technical work by the guys at General Arcade.
  • Sleeping in co-op and MP, plus new server settings editor.
  • Updates to: barricading, stoves/campfires, crate movement and smoke bombs.
  • Bags now displayed on ground
  • Double-sized textures for every sprite in-game and new player models, making the game clearer and more distinct.

  • Ham icon looks less like penis.

Build 34 – Feb 2016

  • Food revamp, freezers and initial test of nutrition system.
  • New C++ line-of-sight and lighting system to improve performance, especially in areas such as the Mall. Lighting updates are no longer interrupted whenever a ‘map chunk’ is loaded, less ‘black fog’ and more uniform room lighting.

Build 33 – Nov 2015

  • Full FMOD sound system integrated – allowing for full 3D sound, ambient noises, circling helicopter etc.
  • Randomized building states while exploring; featuring barricaded houses, survivor corpses, burnt out homes, zombies boarded up into safehouses, profession houses etc.
  • New starting scenarios allowing different entry points along the PZ timeline – Initial Infection, The First Week, Six Months Later and Survival. Revamped difficulty ‘character starter’ settings for each.

  • Herbalist trait, medicinal herbs, poultices and countryside cures – also revamped poisonous berries/mushrooms.
  • Movable furniture – player can pick up items around the map for decorative and survival use in their own safehouse.

  • Full radio and TV broadcasting system – providing narrative content during the full breakdown of society over 11 different channels/wavelengths.7046 lines of content overall.

  • Broadcast gradually scrambles visible words the further you go from a television set or radio, or outside the house. Zombies attracted to volume of radios and TVs.
  • MP player to player communication on different frequencies using both HAM radios and walkie-talkies. Different radios of varying power and frequencies.

Build 32.20 – Aug 2015

  • Steam Workshop integrated into PZ’s java framework to allow the current proliferation of user mods.

  • Steam servers integrated into MP by our friends at General Arcade and EasyPickins, to allow for more admin control and less cheating. Clients can connect to PZ servers using their Steam accounts, let server admins ban players by Steam ID and allow Steam avatars and profiles pop-up in the ‘players’ list in-game. Dedicated server package made available on Steam.
  • New Crafting UI and Guide showing all the recipes your character knows. System also can see and use everything in your own inventory and what’s in arm’s reach of your character.

  • New music by the awesome Zach Beever
  • Fire extinguishing.
  • Health panel overhaul.
  • ‘You have one day’ challenge on original 0.1.4 map
  • Watermelons no longer fatal

Build 32 – May 2015

  • Zombie respawn and migration; zombies are no longer static and dependent on on player proximity. They roam around the map and build up over time. Zombies should not appear in closed off areas that are unreachable from the edge of the map.
  • Generators added for use once power network fails. Consume fuel, electrify homes, noisy and will slowly poison player if used indoors.
  • Electrician and Engineer professions brought into game.
  • Molotovs, explosives, smokebomb and noisemaker can be crafted. Those with relevant skills can attach timers, motion-sensors and remote triggers.
  • Playable Spiffo-led tutorial finally put into game. Edible dead mouse and ‘press E to cure infection’ become canon.
  • Opening Hours and Winter is Coming challenges added.
  • Many new items added to flesh out the world: perfume bottle, dog leash, crayons, comic book, pinecones, washing-up liquid, mop, alarm-clock etc.
  • Blindcoder’s random character mod added to game

Build 31 – March 2015

  • New Professions System. Professions can provide supplementary skill points, which directly tie into the learning speed of relevant skills as well as starting skill levels. Further diversifies character creation, and to make professions feel like a character’s pre-zombies life has genuine impact on their survival experience.
  • Character trait rewrite. Profession only speeds up levelling in relevant skills due to a range of traits that act as Hobbies. Many new traits added, some cheesable ones removed.
  • Challenge modes improved and added – ‘A Really CD DA’ included in play options.
  • Keys, locks and padlocks added to game. Player carries keyring.
  • Ability to clean away blood.
  • Bitten player character turning into zombies after death reintegrated into game.

Build 30 – Dec 2014

  • New Health system featuring new injuries, treatments and crafting. Infections, burns, fractures, lodged bullets and glass shards all included. First Aid skill added to help you cope.
  • Erosion integrated into the game and substantially improved after TurboTuTone joining the team – showing seasonal change, weather effects, the reclamation of nature and post-apocalyptic decay. 11 types of tree with different seasonal variations, 11 types of bush, 17 types of plant, wall vines and cracks in walls.
  • Weather system tied to real world Kentucky patterns. (So around 12 days of snowfall a year).

  • ‘Zombie clumping’ improved. Instead of single zombies dotted about (though this will still happen to an extent) zombies are constantly be attracted to each other’s groans and movements. Player is much more likely to run into a pack of 5-6 zombies rather than see over 5-6 zombies dotted around a particular area.
  • Pickling of farmed produce. Improved growing times and ‘agricultural maintenance’ required for crops.
  • Endurance recoded to model general physical exertion over the course of a day, rather than an occasional arbitrary timer.
  • Sandbox presets added: Starting erosion, Character stat decrease, XP multiplier etc.
  • ‘Couch’ split-screen co-op returns to the game. Two or more players on the same screen, and better pad controls. Playable online.
  • Shaders replaced to make game appear more moody and atmospheric.

Build 29 – Oct 2014

  • New sounds. Ambient noises (screams, dogs, owls etc), new crafting noises (sawing, food-slicing etc), footsteps and many more.
  • Foraging skill coded in to allow for more wilderness survival. Berries, mushrooms, worms etc can be found in woodland areas alongside materials for…
  • New survivalist crafting recipes. Log walls, stone hammers etc.
  • Melee skills revamped. Blunt and blade given three sub skills – Guard, Maintenance and Accuracy.

Build 28 – Sept 2014

  • Semi-3D sound.
  • Ranged weapon overhaul. Range, critical chances, recoil delay and more specialist uses for pistol, shotgun and rifle. Physical timing and panic now taken into account. Aim skill added to game.
  • Weapon modifications. Scopes, slings, lasers, red dots, clips etc.
  • Zombie corpses can be burnt.
  • Zombie population management system introduced. If a zone is unseen for a few hours, then the next time a player sees the area will respawn some zombies and some loot inside the containers. Server owners can now setup a loot respawn, and dabble in zombie respawn management.
  • New crafting recipes: beds, bookcases, shelving etc.
  • Paintable signage and ability to paint signs on walls.

Build 27 – May 2014

  • Multiplayer and public server list released.
  • World filler sprites to make world feel less empty.
  • Animal trapping. Snares, cages, bird traps, mouse traps in-game that can be baited with food.
  • Mall and Movie Theater added to West Point.

    • New containers/bags added to game.
    • Ability to drag and move corpses.
    • Propane tanks
    • 3D models introduced for player and zombies.

Build 26 – March/April 2014

  • Fishing – fishing rods and crafted variants, fish populations in different bodies of water, seasonal fish varieties etc.

  • New cooking system. New recipes, hunger reduction, cooking procedure, cooking skills, impact of rotten ingredients and change in moodlets upon consumption.

Build 25 – Feb 2014

  • Multiplayer introduced into testing. Admin tools. Soft reset. Safety system.
  • Multi-threading improvements and light source revamp.
  • Custom maps support integrated into game.
  • Thunder and lightning
  • Weapon repair system
  • Increased difficulty and horde sizes
  • Improved gamepad support

Steam release – Nov 2013

  • West Point location added to game.
  • New items, recipes, animations and specific locational looting on map.
  • Lighting quality features.
  • Mouse zoom.

The Ultimate Zombie Survival RPG

Hey everyone! Welcome to Mondoid. This week, and we’ll cut straight to the chase with some video goodness! (Remember: work in progress, some bugs visible! More work in implementation and visuals to come!)

So, what are we looking at? Physics-enhanced vehicles in Project Zomboid, both online and off, and some hefty improvements on map streaming and object processing to handle it all. You enter a car with ‘E’, control with WSAD and have various vehicley-options open to you through a radial menu when you’re in the driver’s seat.

We’ve had the vehicles branch on the boil for a while (alongside the usual anims branch, standard build branches and a few others) but this year’s work in melding of EP’s car physics and framework with General Arcade’s special sauce has seen great things occurring. Progress has been good this past week too (as you can hopefully tell from comparing this video with one recorded five or six days ago) and we’re really excited about how the vehicles look and feel to drive. There have already been tests in multiplayer that went very well, with the new map streaming changes working niftily and boding well for future optimization.

So what’s still to be done amidst the general bug fixing? Well, in amongst others and the tidying up of zombie collision visuals – the following:

  • Firstly, and most importantly, we need to make sure that we’re not introducing a new breed of indestructo-tanks to Project Zomboid. We have to make sure that survival times aren’t hugely extended by cars, and that their use carries as many negatives as positives for the players. Also we need to figure out a good balance between zombie squashing fun and the realism Zomboid tends toward, avoiding the vehicles being too OP and sturdy against groups of zombies, while still providing the satisfaction of mowing down zombies in bigger vehicles.
  • There’s an issue to resolve with how cars are drawn into the scene, sometimes resulting in weird draw sorting bugs with ground grass or zombies drawn in front of the car when they should be blocked by it. This is due to the fact that currently 3D models are drawn at the same time as the tile they are ‘stood’ on. This doesn’t cater for larger 3D objects very well, so we’ll need to think on how to handle this and make sure they all occlude each other correctly.
  • The current sounds of the vehicles are 100% placeholder, and we’ll be working on these before release.
  • More cars! This video is fairly packed with ‘speciality’ vehicles, and Martin is currently in the process of making more vehicles to provide more variety and/or Kentucky normality.
  • Balancing: Each vehicle type needs balancing not only on their rarity, but in terms of handling, top speed, and all the other factors to make them feel different to drive. Right now, apart from their size and wheel positions, they are all functionally identical.
  • Wrecks and pile-ups: At the moment all cars spawn in parked locations, neatly parked in car parks or outside homes. We need to add wrecks, abandoned vehicles, pile ups and other more apocalyptic set ups of cars while also keeping in-touch with what Will’s set up in the PZ lore.


  • RingoD has patched up the faults in the TIS-curated community map Bedford Falls that were introduced through the 2x revolution. It should now be fully playable and can return to general PZ MP server use. Download here.
  • Turbo has updated his modding and dev tool ItemZed, along with some fresh easier-to-read instructions that explain how you too can play around with recipes, items, looting locations and lots lots more.
  • Mapper Cardenaglo’s crazy/awesome Gaia is out in its first form. Do check it out!

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